So Excited!!!!

Something really exciting is happening tonight. One tradition in my youth group is that every year the older students “kidnap” the rising seventh graders and have a night of fun with them. I entered my youth group too late to be kidnapped myself, but I’ve heard about it for years, and I’ve dreamed about being a kidnapper myself. Tonight, that dream is coming true! There’s an even bigger plus though. I’ll be kidnapping the rising seventh graders, but one of those kids isn’t just a seventh grader: she’s my little sister.

I’m going to give you a quick flash back so you see why this event is so special to me. Let’s go back to the the first eleven years of her life (she’s currently twelve). When she was a baby, she was adorable, cute, a bouncy, laughing baby. A plaything. I loved her. When she got older however, I didn’t like how she talked back. I was the bigger sister. I knew more. She was just a dumb little kid. We argued to no end. I was the worst older sister anyone could have dreamed up. That continued on for years.

About a year ago, I realized how horrible I was being. I was shocked and ashamed. I had always wanted the cool older sister that I could talk with (my older sister has become that in the past few years). So I changed. I tried to control my temper, and eventually, I overcame the pride that was keeping us apart. Now, I would say we’re pretty good sisters. But, I realized a few months ago that I still wasn’t totally okay with her being in the same youth group as me. This is my youth group. I had one year where it was all mine, and I loved it. I was not okay with her coming in. Eventually though, I realized that she would be joining me no matter what. We’ve continued to grow together and now I can’t wait for her to join the youth group. I know it’ll be a good family for her, and I’m kind of secretly hoping that she’ll find her role model in me, like I found my role model in someone else in the youth group.

Anyhow, when I was offered to kidnap her and the rest of the rising seventh graders, I’m pretty sure I did a dance around my room. Right now, I’m dancing around, counting down the hours. It’s kind of weird, but I’m feeling proud right now. Proud of my little sis. Proud of our relationship. Proud of the shock on her face when she sees that I am the one welcoming her into the youth group. I’m so joyful because I’m sharing with her the best part of my life. We’re sharing the most joyful part of my life. And I couldn’t be more excited!!!!


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