God’s Will for Me

I’ve just made the breakthrough of my life. I’ve found what I’m supposed to be doing right now. I’ve found God’s will! I can say this for certain because God has shown me that I have been empowered to become a leader that can mulitply the joyful spirit of God and the feeling of involvement in others. Phew. That’s quite a statement! I’m so sure that this is my purpose; I’m already passionate about going through this process, but the big thing is I know I can do it! But wait, I haven’t really told you what I’m talking about!

I woke up from my nap today in a seriously bad mood. I wanted to yell at someone and throw stuff and just be mean to the world. But that tiny voice in the back of my head knew that I would get no satisfaction from that so I stayed away from my family and locked myself up in my room until I could cool down. While in my room however, I glanced at a book that I had received during the Global Leadership Conference. It’s called Multipliers by Liz Wiseman. I had chosen to buy it because it had looked like a good read, but had only opened up the front cover once. In two and a half weeks, I had not read a single word.

I decided that I mind as well try it out. So I picked up the book, grabbed a pen, and headed to the gorgeous day outside. I sat on my front step because I knew that nobody would really bother me there. Then I opened up the book. Soon I was enraptured in the book and my cranky mood was gone. I began to see the connection between this book and a problem my youth group is having right now. I started to write down notes.

Now, sitting at my computer writing this post, I have a plan that could help solve the major problem in our youth group, which is that we have a ton of students, but many are not involved. The solution is not me, it’s everyone else. Remember that big sentence I wrote up above? By making students feel like they are needed, they will become involved in helping and feel a part of our youth group family, while building up others so that the spirit of God and the leadership roles will continue to feed and grow. The book Multipliers makes a good point that since my youth group has the resources already (ie the mass of students), we do not need to add more resources, but instead increase the efficiency of our current resources. Once we get more involved and growing students, we can invite others to join us in our joy making.

No idea can move without a plan however. To hopefully achieve the wonderful results above, a leader needs to study the passions/gifts of each individual student in our youth group. Once that leader knows the capabilities of the students, they can then create events and situations where those passions/gifts are needed. Hopefully the students will respond and fulfill the need. After that, the leader only needs to continue creating need and students will rise to satisfy that need.

I’m sure some of you noted that in that last paragraph I said “that leader”. I was super vague because that leader might not be me. I’m definitely going to begin as the leader, but perhaps halfway through I will empower someone else to lead the cause. One thing though is that being a multiplier in the youth group is not only for my Youth Pastor. He’s led an Emerging Leaders group which I have been a part of for the past three years. He has empowered us students to lead and I think it’s time that we started to do just that. Besides, all I’m really doing right now is observing people, and there’s nothing preeminent about that!

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” -Matthew 28:19


4 thoughts on “God’s Will for Me

  1. wadingblueheron says:

    You are quite wise for a 16 year old! Good luck with this endeavour 🙂 A book that is only 55 pages long that you may really enjoy is called “the wisdom of community” by Jean Vanier. He’s a christian scholar and he runs a community home for people with physical and mental disabilities… he is an incredible speaker and he wrote about how we grow best when we work as a community, loving and raising each other up. Go find it!

  2. wadingblueheron says:

    oh my mistake! it’s called “from brokenness to community”! I was thinking of a quote from his book on how there is certain wisdom that can only be discovered within communities.

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