“He Sent Me Instead”

Here’s a little story to keep you smiling and hopeful.

A soldier had been at war for quite a few years, but finally it was time to go home. This soldier’s name was Paul and he was a Christian. Once he got home, he went off to college to try and get a degree of some sort. In one of his classes, his teacher stood on the podium in front of the class and declared,

“God is dead. You know what, let’s challenge Him. God!” he called upwards, “I give you two minutes to knock me off this platform!” And then he waited. The whole class waited.

“One minute!” the teacher called out. The class still waited.

“Fifteen seconds!” he cried again. All of a sudden … POW!! The teacher was knocked off of his feet! Looking up from the ground, the teacher saw Paul, the seasoned soldier, standing over him. Looking down towards his teacher, Paul said,

“God was busy, so He sent me instead.”



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