Everyone Makes Mistakes

While I was babysitting today, I got into a rough situation. Somehow, the kids and I got locked out of the house. I’m not sure how and it doesn’t matter where the blame goes, but I must say, I freaked. It wasn’t being out of the house that bothered me (the epipens were inside though), but it was how embarrassed and ashamed I was to tell the mom. I felt like I had sort of failed her trust. I called my mom and spents a long time looking for the hidden key, I eventually had to call the mom and she came home to save us.

Sometimes when situations like this happen, people just freak. They don’t know what to do, so they try to make the situation like it never happened. I discovered today that it won’t work to pretend like everything is okay. Once I accepted that I was locked out and needed help, I was able to humble myself and do the best I could with what I had instead of trying to make everything better. Thankfully the mom was nice and forgiving to me (did I mention I’m her first babysitter), and I’ll hopefully be able to redeem myself this coming Friday.


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