Stewardship of a Princess Disciple

I have begun to realize just how blessed and fortunate I am. Sometimes my life can feel kind of hum drum, but tonight after I had turned off my light, I was looking around my room in the dim light from my doorway, and it dawned on me that I really am living the high life. I don’t mean to write this as boastful, but as awareness that to many people in the world, I am living the life of a princess. It makes me stop and think because I never thought of myself as living on the standards of a princess, but many qualities of a princess, I have.

I know this might seem very ridiculous, but after looking around my room and realizing how much I really have, I have an urge to invite lots of people into my room so that they can share God’s blessings too. When I was a little girl and dreamed about princessess (I’m not saying that I have ceased to dream about them), I always imagined them as kind and generous, giving and caring for the poor while being a level-headed leader and caregiver. This reminds me of something from my camp devotion. Every day, my camp devotion booklet would have a space provided so that I could write down a given definition of the word “stewardship” in the hopes of memorization. The definition is as follows:

Stewardship – the responsible overseeing and protection of something considered worth caring for and protecting

When I think of a princess, I think of stewardship. Since I liken myself to be a princess (again, I do this as a metaphor, please do not think me snooty!), God has placed me in stewardship over something. My immediate thought is His people. His children. He has deemed every person on this earth as worth caring for and protecting, and He has given that responsibility to His disciples, aka me and all the other Christians.

This all may seem a bit silly, but it gives me a new perspective. I have dreamed of going on a mission trip to Haiti, but my purpose for going was always so that I could help the people down there and do some work for God. Now however, I realize that my real purpose for going down to Haiti should be so that I can responsibly oversee and protect God’s children whom are less fortunate than I. I no longer want to go so that I can help, but so that I can protect and provide what God has intrusted me to do. I feel this is a more accurate reason for me going down to Haiti, and I believe that God wanted me to see this before I travel to help anyone, even in my school, church, or home. So I leave you with this thought: all Christians have been given stewardship over his or her brothers and sisters so that in caring for each other, we can show the world God’s love.


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