She is Saved!

Something really cool happened today. I have this friend named K (obviously not her whole name) and she’s been my friend at school for the past two years. We’ve had French together both years and she super cool. She’s told me before that she is Catholic, but I must admit some of the choices she’s made show a life far from the Christian life and morals. For at least a past month, I’ve been praying that she would find God and see the wonders in His love. Today on facebook I saw a post from her. This is what it said:

“While in camp, I can proudly say I began my amazing journey in living for Christ!!! <3”

To see that my prayers had been answered was such an amazing feeling. I am joyfully eucharistic for her that she has found the keys to eternal life! I can’t wait until school starts so we can talk and hopefully have classes together! Who knows, we might see each other every day!

I am so blessed that one of my best friends has come to know Christ. It’s an amazing feeling that my prayers might have helped save her from eternal suffering. A while back, I wrote a post called Eternal Guilt that talked about how horrible anyone will feel when they see their friends and family on judgement day go to hell because we didn’t spread the love of Jesus Christ to them. Knowing that my friend K is safe and in God’s arms is … so relieving. I can’t really describe the joy that I’m feeling right now. It’s truly a miraculous work of an amazing God.


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