A Christian Lifestyle

During the three weeks involving camp and my mission trip, I had a thought that sent me spinning. I’ve often heard about how my Christian beliefs aren’t just beliefs, but they’re a lifestyle. I’ve always nodded in agreement like, Yeah, okay. That sounds good. But not until a few weeks ago did I realize what that meant.

First off, let me start off by saying that I realized I wasn’t living Christianity as a lifestyle. That’s what hit me hard. All of a sudden, I understood what a lifestyle was, and I realized that what I was living wasn’t a Christian lifestyle. What is a Christian lifestyle you may ask? My view is that a Christian lifestyle involves a day to day routine of spiritual disciplines in which a person receives joy and closeness to God. Basically, it’s like summer and school. Many people call summer “summer break” which means that summer is just a time off from school. I don’t call it that because I see school as an activity of life and summer is a time of life without that activity. I don’t know if that really made sense, but basically I’ve been seeing Christianity as a summer break: something that is not part of my daily routine and something I have to consciously think about. Instead, Christianity should be my life: subconsciously being the theme of every day, and “normal life” should be an interruption of that Christian lifestyle.

It’s super hard to explain, but hopefully maybe you’re getting the gist of it. I want to act like a Christian every second of the day, and not just when I remember to thank God for something random. I want to see the world through a different lens: the lens of someone who’s been reborn. I’m going to try and do that. It’s going to take a while and be hard, but if I trust in God and actively focus on Him, I know I can do it. All I need is the faith of a mustard seed. It’s time for me to find my lifestyle. My Christian lifestyle.


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