The Adventures of a Crazy Lady

It’s kinda late right now, and I’m kinda tired, but I think it is time that I catch all ya’ll up on what’s been happening in my life the past week.

So, a week and a half ago, I went off to camp! Yay! My first day at Centrifuge was … detramental. It was disappointment after disappointment. I almost cried myself to sleep that night. But, as the week went on, I realized that God had actually blessed me through my disappointment and my experience at camp was actually better than it would have been if things had gone my way. That was all really general, but don’t worry, I’ll get into detail some other time.

In the end, camp was A-MA-ZING!!!!! Five exclamation points! That’s pretty awesome! Last night of camp, our whole youth group was bawling our eyes out and singing as a family towards heaven. It was freakin’ amazin’. I had my first taste (and entire bottle) of CheerWine! If you’ve never had it, you’ve never lived. If you have had it … you know what I’m talking about! Oh my goody gracious. Camp was incredible. Fantastic. Super duper amazing! There aren’t enough words to describe it!

The day after I got home from camp, July 4th, was just as awesome. Last year, I had an incredible time with my unrelated relatives (also called “kissing cousins”, but that makes it super awkward) and this year was just as good, but 400% better! I’m like, soul friends (is that a thing?) with the kids there; and I’ve only been with them twice in one year! Anyways, that was … soooososososo good and I cannot, cannot, cannot wait until next year!!!!!

I had one day of break (Friday), and then in came more people! Yay!! I’m such a social butterfly right now! On Saturday, some family friends from my old hometown came up on the train and we toured DC with them. That was so much fun! We also did some more touring today and then sent them off. It was a pleasure having them stay with us!

On Sunday, we had our “First Sunday Sunday night” event. Aka, every first Sunday of the month our youth group has a huge event. And this past Sunday was it!!! It was pretty cool how it was the Sunday after camp, and everyone’s excitement blew the roof away and almost literally caved in the floor. That was also incredible.

And tonight is where my story ends for now. After we had dropped off our family friends at the train station, we zoomed home and I took a quick cat nap before heading off to the movies with my huddle group! (For those of you who are new, my huddle is a portion of my youth group that meets usually at my house every other week). We watched “Despicable Me 2”. It was so awesome!!!

So my life has been mostly non-stop for over two weeks. I’m ready for a break! Or am I? I have so much energy pouring through me and I have a lot of joy too because God is constantly in my thoughts. I feel like a crazy lady! Going bonkers! I think I typed this post in record time. I just need to get my energy out! There is one opportunity for me to get my energy out, and it’s coming up this Saturday. I’m going on a mission trip! Yay!! I can’t wait! We’re going down Southish and helping people with construction stuff. We get to sleep on concrete floors this year! I think I’m the only one excited for this, but that’s totally okay I think!

Well, that’s my adventure of the past two weeks; I hope you enjoyed reading, I have more details coming soon, and I hope you have an amazing night/day/time of your life!! Stay happy and keep smiling!!!!


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