What’s My Flaw?

Everyone has flaws, some more than others. To be successful, one needs to discover one’s flaws and figure out how to overcome them. Finding out what they are can be the hard part. I’ve heard a sermon preached on this before, about how my pastor asked his wife what about him annoyed her. When she told him, he was like, “really?“. He had never thought about it before and it surprised him. But because he knew, he was able to fix it and become a better man.

I want to become a better person. Not because I want to be better than everyone else, but I hate the thought that everytime I do something, it annoys someone. I don’t know who to ask though. I want someone who would be honest, but not tear me down. I first thought of my best friend, but I don’t really know how I would react to whatever her answer would be, and if she asked me back, which she would be certain to do, I would feel uncomfortable telling her. Next I thought of my best guy friend. He would just say that I’m awesome and such. He won’t say a single bad thing about girls. So, if neither of my best friends from church work, who will? I was getting discouraged, but then I went to a friend’s birthday party. Afterwards, I realized that she would be the perfect person! She’s very honest, but would tell me in a way that would be helpful and encouraging. She’s pretty perfect too, so if she asked me in return, I’m not quite sure what I would say, but I think next time I see her, I’ll ask her what my flaw is.


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