I’ve Gained the Present

I realized today that I’ve been letting myself go. I haven’t been keeping up with anything. My eating, my exercise, my friendships, my schoolwork, my music. Nothing. I was on the bus while thinking this, and I wondered, Is there anything that I have kept up?. I’ve been doing okay with this blog, but it hasn’t been super. So what have I been paying attention to?

I think I’ve just figured it all out though. I’ve been working on my determination and exploring new things. I want this summer to rock like no other, and I think it will. I’ve got a weekly plan that I’m super excited about, and I’m trying new things every day. Two weeks ago, I taught myself guitar. Now I can play a whole song. Tuesday, I drank tea (which I don’t really like, but want to like). With a purpose to each day, each day becomes an adventure and I’m starting to live in the present. I’m tired and worn out, behind and drowning, unhealthy and unawake, but I can feel a fulfillment of my soul. I’m starting to feel true joy because finally I’m doing what I’ve strived to do my whole life: live in the present day and do awesome stuff. I’ve got to learn how to maintain all aspects of my life, but I’ve finally gained something that not many people have.


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