God Likes Water Balloons

I’ve been so busy these past few days: a ballet at the Kennedy Center, a dinner with friends, and a water balloon battle! Everything has been super fun, but I want to tell you about the waterballoon battle that took place this afternoon.

I had been asked by my youth pastor if I wouldn’t mind coming a few hours early to help fill up water balloons. Of course I agreed! Me and a few other friends from youth group had soooo much fun filling up those tiny balloons! We were all soaked before we had even had the fight!

Whille we were filling up the balloons, I was also texting my best guy friend (whom I have mentioned in many of my other posts). During that time, we declared war on each other. A waterballoon war! I was a little unsure of how this would end out, since though we share everything to each other on line, yet never talk in person. Hopefully though, this would change it.

How little did I know how amazing of a change it would make! When he first came in, I wanted to cream him right there with a balloon, but I waited until we were officially allowed to. Then, after my team had won a game, a precious water-filled balloon was placed in my hands. I knew who was going to get wet! What a splash it made! He got completely soaked on one side, and the war had begun! Later, at a different game, he soaked me: three times! I of course got him once more, and then had a failed water balloon.

All this time though, we were laughing and goofing off with each other. Basically a first! After all the teenagers had gone wild and stolen all the balloons from the adults, a huge youth group waterballoon fight happened! Then it started raining! We cleaned up and went inside. Afterwards, both of our younger sisters were in a play at the church so my guy friend and I walked over to the church and sat together. Walking together was a first and sitting together was a second!

Do you see where I’m going here? Somehow, God used a waterballoon fight to strengthen our friendship! It’s amazing how in two hours, it’s completely changed. And other people could tell too. One of my other guy friends later asked me if there was anything going on between me and my best guy friend. I have a guess as to why he was asking, but still, he noticed a change! I never really went expecting this outcome, but it’s really opened my eyes as to how God uses weird ocasions to do wonderous things. That’s the big thing I’ve taken away from this. I’ve also learned that I can become better friends with anyone during a waterballoon fight!


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