Dear Guys,

Hello! If you’re a guy reading this, recently I’ve begun to get a really bad impression of guys and so I want to ask you a few questions. If you’re a girl reading this, you’re welcome to continue on reading; maybe you’ll get a few questions answered.

So, these questions might be a tad awkward, but to save my concept of guys, I need to know. So, firstly: What are guys thinking when they look a girl up and down? ‘Cause let me just say that for the majority of the female gender, it’s super uncomfortable when that happens. Second: I’ve heard that most guys look at porn; is that really true? If it is true, that’s kind of disheartening. Third: do groups of guys actually give “ratings” to girls that pass by? Fourth: When a guy thinks about a relationship, what does he initially want out of it?

Hopefully these questions get answered, if not I’m sure I’ll find out one day. Are there any questions that I missed? Any you want to ask me?


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