Wardrobe Witnessing

My mom bought me a shirt yesterday, it’s a orangey-salmon color with yellow stripes, and I decided that I was going to wear it today with my teal shorts, my great-grandmother’s shell necklace, and another teal necklace. I loved the outfit! It was very summery and colorful and happy.

But I’m not here to talk high school summer fashion. On the morning bus, I sat next to one of my freshman friends and we chatted a little as usual. As we were exiting the bus, she commented that she loved how I wear bright colors and makes her feel all happy and sunshine-y and brightens her day. It made me smile that I could brighten her day with just the clothes I wear. I also went through the rest of the day with a bunch more self-confidence; it’s amazing what one compliment can do!

On the bus ride home, I sat in front of a different friend, and we began chatting just like before. Incredibly, she said almost the exact same thing as my previous friend had said! Wow! Two people in one day saying the exact same thing? My little lightbulb turned on and I started thinking, What does this mean?. I know some people are thinking it’s just a coinkidink, but I believe that all things happen for a reason. Could God possibly be telling me that I can witness and be a bright light to the darkened world through my clothes?? I’ve never taken the “brightness” to be actual brightness! Thinking about it though, when I look around my high school, most of the kids are wearing blacks or navy or darker colors in general. A person wearing brighter colors sticks out of the norm and really does seem happier! Well, looks like I’ve got my next challenge from God!


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