Someone Ate My Tree!

I know I’ve mentioned it a few times, but since last spring, I’ve been taking care of a tiny oak sapling. I adopted it from my school’s garden when they were about to throw it out. With five tiny leaves, I was proud as it brightened up my room with that natural touch. During the winter however, the leaves began to brown and fall off. I knew it was natural, but I still didn’t like it. Eventually, all the leaves fell off, leaving me with a brown stick.

A few weeks ago, I noticed that my tree had a new bud! I was so excited! I wanted to give my tree the best growing environment possible, so I sacrificed and placed it outside where there was an abundance of sunshine and rain. For a while, it looked so happy. Then this past weekend, I went outside and it was gone! At least that’s what I thought at first. What had actually happened was that a squirrel or chipmunk had gotten into its pot and chewed the whole tree down until barely an inch was left! I was shocked! But not overly sad. I hadn’t been taking overly good care of it anyways.

I’ve often compared this tree to my spiritual life, so I wondered what God was trying to tell me. When I first found my sapling, I was at the highest and longest spirtual high period I’ve ever had. However, this past fall and winter have been my lowest spitual points. I’m thinking that God is telling me that I need to start over and grow anew. Shake everything off and just grow, grow, grow!



One thought on “Someone Ate My Tree!

  1. Mason SCA7 says:

    Or maybe He means don’t let your guard down or you will be eaten by spiritual squirrels! Like praying and reading scriptures so temptations and such don’t get the better of you. That’s what I thought of at least. I like your thought too.

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