Someone is Always Watching You

In the past two weeks or so, this topic of being watched keeps coming up. It started in my Leadership Group when my youth pastor brought up a theory called the “Mirror Effect”. Basically, those who are around us the most are affected by our actions. They become like us. Almost immediately, I thought of my little sister. Before about a year ago, we were constantly fighting and nagging at each other; I wanted the authority that she was not willing to give me. I realize now that I was making her life pretty bad. She probably looked up to me a little, yet all I ever did was tear her down. I’m very ashamed of how I treated her, and I’ve made a new commitment to try and be the best older sister I can. And our relationship has greatly improved!

One of the other times that the watching idea came up was in Sunday school. It wasn’t the mirror effect, but we discussed how non-Christians watch and judge us Christians. Not so much judge, but observation of how we live our lives. To see if the stereotypes are true. Because of this, we Christians need to watch our step and make sure that we live our life as Christ-like as we can. Connecting back to the Mirror Effect theory, the person who discussed this form of Christian watching is actually the person I consider my role model. She’s the girl that is a strong Christian, amazing dancer, friends with everyone, and just plum amazing! It’s cool how it all works out.


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