God, help me be more awesome, K?

This is exactly how I feel sometimes. Check out Eyes Wide Open for more inspirational and awesome writiting!

Eyes Wide Open

boy-s-prayer-11099939[1]I want to pray like a kid.

Like a simple, pure and awesome child of God.

What do you suppose this little man is praying?

Maybe something like this?

“God, thank you for my cool pajamas and for the ice cream we had today. I am really glad you are making it be summer time soon because I was getting tired of staying inside all the time. It gets kinda boring. Tommy is being really mean, so you might want to talk to him. Thanks for everybody else. Thanks for making cool stuff in the world for us to have fun with and enjoy. Can you please fix those bad people soon? Also, I just want you to help me be more awesome tomorrow. Today I had some awesome stuff, but I think I could do better. Amen.”

This was inspired by my son who is almost sixteen, but has the…

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