The Dreamer

Hello! I’m back and my life has finally slowed down, but I’ve noticed something interesting. After my stress-causing schedule was finished, I thought I would go back to being my happy, joyful, dreamy, crazy self. Yet, I stayed in the subdued persona for a few more days until I figured out what was wrong. I don’t remember when I realized this, but while I was stressed, I stopped dreaming. Not the dreaming at night, but the dreaming of the future. I was so focued in the present, that I forgot to dream about what joys could come in the future. I never thought that I could be sad by living in the present. I guess without things to look forward to, there’s no hope.

Anyways, I’ve got that straightened out! I am dreaming away, but also staying present in the present too (no pun intended). I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned this before, but lately (for like, the past two-three months) I’ve been thinking that it would be fun to rap. And be a Youtuber. I feel like it’s the next step after this blog. Getting my face and voice out there to impact people. We’ll see. But last night, I was listening to Lecrae, and that dream was reborn in my mind! I already have a couple raps (Christian of course!) that I want to record and I think that God is pushing me to do it. It might be for His purpose, or it might just be a hobby I get into. Either way, it’s something I’m working up to!

I hope everyone’s doing okay. If you have any prayer requests, you can comment them below and I’ll gladly pray for you! Prayer has again reappeared in my life and I can feel myself getting closer to God. It’s something about the Spring. I always get stronger. Well, I think I’m going to finish this up and try to get over my cold. Stay strong!


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