Curious Questioning

I just started writing a post about a Bible verse, but all of a sudden I just couldn’t go on. I felt kind of fake. It’s that feeling I thought about yesterday. I feel like something isn’t right. I’m missing a piece of my puzzle. I could have kept writing that post and the published it, but I felt like it would have been a little lame. Sure, it’s good to write about perspectives on interpreting Bible verses, but I can’t do that when there’s something else bugging me. I think I might have a clue as to what my “problem” is.

A while back, I was wondering why my relationship with God was declining. I just couldn’t figure out why. I asked my friend and we talked for a while, but then in the middle of our conversation, I just took about fifteen minutes and just wrote down my thoughts. I wrote down a lot of different things, but the ginormous idea that I figured out was that questioning fuels relationships. Not doubt kind of questioning, but a curious questioning. One of my favorite parts of the movie “Fireproof” is when the main character talks with his best friend about the troubles he’s having in his marriage. The best friend says that to continue a marriage, you’ve got to keep studying the other person. Learning their ways. Seeing their perspective. I think this ideology works in all relationships. So if I want to heal my relationship with God, I need to learn a little bit more about Him.

I know where the answers to my questions are: the Bible! But I can’t just read the Bible and expect me to start understanding God better. I’ve got find questions that I really don’t understand or just don’t know and then find the answers. That way, I can relate what I’m learning to my life. I know it’ll work. I just gotta try it.


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