My Little Threat

For the past year or so, I’ve been dreading when my little sister will move up to my Youth Group. Right now she’s a sixth grader, but next school year, she’ll move up. Into my Youth Group.

The reason I didn’t want her to move up, is because this year was the first year that my older sister wasn’t in Youth Group. My older sister and I are pretty close, but she still didn’t completely know who I really was inside. So this past year with (basically) no family around, I was able to show more of me. When my little sister moves up, I was afraid that I would have to start hiding again. I was worried that she would be confused by the more outgoing person that she sees at Youth Group. I still am worried a little bit. But not as much so. When I roomed with my older sister and went to Youth Group with her, we became closer. I’ve always wanted to be the “cool” older sister to my little sister, and this might be the chance for me to become that. Next year, when she moves up, I guess I’ll try to not hide and be myself and welcome her as best I can into the special group that I call Youth Group.


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