I Promise

I’m going to speak the blunt truth right now. I’m sorry that I’ve been writing suckish posts for the past few … weeks? Months? However long it’s been. I’m tired of being the person that I’ve become. So I’m changing. I will change. I will get back on track. I will become the person that God wants me to be. I will impact the world. I will do it. And I can feel the determination. I want to seize life by the reigns and go. So I’m going to do it. I don’t care how hard it is. I will do it. I’m going to need a lot of support. I hope that I can find it here when the others in my life won’t. Me living my life as it is isn’t going to impact people the way it will when I’m doing God’s Will. When I find Him in me again and become strong again, no one will be able to stop me. I tell the devil watch out! because I am about to rock the world. Set things right. Bring light into the dark. I can do it. I know I can. I was made to be awesome, and I’m not there yet. But I don’t want to be a disappointment to my God. I don’t want to disappoint You. I will become the warrior that I’m supposed to be. I don’t know how yet, but I will strengthen myself first, and then I’ll fly. I’ll fly high and I’ll fly far. I’ll fly until every person reaches for the stars in search for you. I can do it. You will provide. I know it. I’m excited to see where I can go, and if I ever falter, beat me to the ground, help me up, and then push me forward. This is my destiny. I’m the only thing in the way. And now I’m moving out of the way. My path is clear. All I need to do now is go.


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