One Slice of Cake, Two Scoops of Ice Cream

Today was my mom’s birthday and to celebrate, I decided that I would take a short break from Lent. This wasn’t a spur of the moment of selfish decision, I had thought about it for quite a few days. The reason that I decided that it was okay was because, just like I had given up sweets in honor of Jesus’s death and sacrifice, I celebrated with sweets the birth and life of my mom.

This wasn’t a full out pigging fest. Though I was offered sweets throughout the day, I refused them, for their purpose was not in celebration of my mom’s life. I kept it moderated and only ate a little: one slice of cake and two scoops of ice cream. I wasn’t particularly craving the sweets (which I am glad of) and that is why I feel that it was not a selfish thing to do.

When I took that first bite, it was a wonderful sensation. A new taste almost. A wonderful taste forgotten. It was amazing. “If this is how good it tastes after not eating it for a while, then maybe I’ll do this more often!” I thought. It’s amazing how something I take for granted can be so amazing once I no longer have it.

Today in FCA, someone mentioned that asking God for little things, like not being late to work, no rain, etc,is taking God for granted. I didn’t really agree with what she said, but I wasn’t exactly sure why not. I feel like since we are depndable on God, it’s okay to ask for little things, as long as we thank Him no matter the results. Am I wrong in thinking this?


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