Feeling Good All Over

Phew. Life has finally slowed down. And started getting better too! My full sized mattress finally arrived, I got to go swimming today, there was choir rehearsal, I wore my hair down, IT’S WARM, I got to practice violin today, I journaled today, I’m posting on this blog today (sorry about the delay!), and it’s springtime!! Yay! That’s about all of the excitement for today. Tomorrow there will probably be more. And goodness me, I forgot to say that all of those things did not happen on the same day. That would have been a lot of good stuff. And too much good stuff can be bad. At least that’s what they say.

Just to kind of update everyone on what’s going on, my no-sweets lent-thingy is going well and I’m actually starting to not really crave them. I’m kind of like, eh, whatever. They’re sweets. I’m sure I’ll pig out once it’s over though. I’ve been eating a lot healthier otherwise and working out a bit more too. Or at least staying steady I should say.

The most recent verse that I wrote on my hand (Psalm 119:105) hasn’t really been helping me out and I haven’t even completely memorized it yet. So…I’m thinking that it’s not the right verse for right now. I’ll have to keep searching. I think I’ll go back to Colossians 3:2 until I find my next verse.

I’m really glad that it’s beginning to be springtime; not only because the weather is warm and I can wear shorts, but because my soul kind of awakens out of hibernation. It’s a really good feeling to be talking with God and finding peace every which way. With joy comes peace. With peace comes patience. With patience comes kindness….I think you get the idea. I’m just feeling good all over really. And I’ve been noticing every little thing that God does for me and I’ve been trying to thank Him when I do notice it. He’s done a lot for me. All because He loves me.


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