I Gave My Friend A Chocolate Cupcake

While walking through the hallway on my way from one class to another, I noticed that two of my friends were walking near me. When I talked to them however, I realized that something was wrong: one of my friends was crying. Worried, I asked what was wrong and she told me that she was just so super stressed and just couldn’t handle it right then. Like every single highschooler that has ever lived, I’ve been through that where I just want to cry and go to sleep. Soon after I asked what was wrong, we parted ways and went to our next classes.

But something inside of me said that I needed to do something. My friend had been in such a state of desperation and hopelessness that I knew that she needed something to brighten her day and let her know that someone did care for her.

So I bought her a chocolate cupcake.

I wasn’t sure if she liked cupcakes (I figured she probably did), but she rode my bus and I knew that the gesture might make her smile. I didn’t do it to get thanks. I wanted her to be happy. And if a $1 cupcake was her ticket to happiness, what was I waiting for? So I bought it for her. When I offered it to her, her face lit up and I felt so good inside, not because I had just done a good deed, but because God used me to lift up someone else. That small gift was a transformational action. It possibly changed the path of fate.

I’m very glad that God was able to use me in a small, but meaningful way. I feel encouraged to do more. I got a small spiritual high. I felt like I was doing my life’s purpose. It was awesome.



Chocolate Cupcake


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