Still Focusing

Yes, I’ve been absent for a few days, but not because I’ve forgotten about this blog or am just too lazy to post; I haven’t posted because I’ve begun to journal again and read my Bible more too. I was feeling super down and I noticed my old journal growing dusty on the floor. I had seen it every day for at least the past three months, but never picked it up. This time, I did pick it up. And I wrote. After a long, hard, stressful week, it was refreshing to get all of my thoughts out on paper. There’s something about writing my thoughts with pen on paper that just can’t be beat. Anyways, that is the cause of my temporary absence. I’m back now!

I’m writing this at school during my free period which is a new experience. I’ve never written at school. The library is busy and a little bit noisy, but with my earplugs in my ears singing Christian music, I’ve found my own little quiet time. It’s kind of ironic that in the midst of school, the biggest stress point in my life, I can find peace. Amazing how God works that way.

This post doesn’t really have any deep content, just an update. My memory verse (Colossians 3:2) is still on my hand and whenever I see it, I feel encouraged. It definitely has more than one meaning. There’s also a couple youth group events that are coming up that I’m super excited about: home huddles, Rebounders trip, DiscipleshipNOW, Summer Trips, and so much more! I’m glad that I have something to look forward too and keep my hopes up with. God is still looking out for me.


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