Pick up the phone!

Yikes. I’ve been absent for a bit. I have excuses like it’s been the end of the quarter and I’ve still been a wee bit sick, but those excuses don’t matter; I should have posted more. But, in these past few days, God has been helping me sooooooo much. While my fellow peers stressed and whined and freaked out, God gave me peace and hope to get through the end. He even gave me some motivation to run outside a little, which I never do! It was amazing. He is blessing me so much. Even right now, as the rain pours and the thunder pounds, God is blessing me. In fact, let me tell you about a miracle that He gave me in the rain.

One night when I was sick and sore and just feeling really down, I was talking to God. But I was having doubts. Deep in doubt, I thought everything over until I had dispelled my doubt for the night. Then, I guess I sort of tried to test God. I asked Him to stop the rain. I didn’t really have anymore doubt at the moment, but I thought that if He stopped the rain, the doubt would stop strangling my heart and I could be free. Almost as soon as I started asking God to stop the pouring rain, He did. It wasn’t a pitter pattering off over a few minutes. It was immediate. No more drops fell from the sky. It was a miracle. But God wasn’t done. I think it was Him saying, “You don’t need to doubt.”, but in the morning, I was healed. I didn’t feel the coughs or runny nose, but instead I felt as fit as a fiddle. Another miracle.

You might not think that it was a miracle, but that’s okay. I think it was. Miracles are happening all around me, and I don’t always notice them because I’m stuck in my own little world, ignoring God. I need to be listening for the cricket in the midst of New York traffic. I need to be talking with the wind. Because God’s voice is everywhere. He’s always speaking to you and me. We just need to stop, pick up the phone, and listen.


2 thoughts on “Pick up the phone!

  1. Ashley says:

    Yay, a new post! 🙂 I think you’re right– God is always speaking and always working. It’s so exciting and refreshing when we can slow down to listen and watch for Him.

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