A Rant About America’s Horrible Education System

As I progress further and further along in my education, I become more and more appalled by the weight placed upon it. When I was in elementary school, we had “Satisfactory” and “Non-satisfactory”. Now, even though a grade-level of “C” is passing, many consider that anything less than an “A” is unsatisfactory. So even with a “B”, I find myself under a huge amount of stress to bring up my grades. I have a solution that could be able to work, but I won’t bore you with the details. Or maybe I will, for a stated problem without a solution is merely a complaint. So I will state my idea; if you are not interested, please skip the next paragraph and continue on reading.

In the modern day, stress is put upon students to perform on a “A” level in every single subject at school. That is the goal to reach. However, the teachers at our school would hardly be able to pass a test if subjects different than what they teach are questioned in the test. Therefore, we need a grading system that instead of attempting to create young adults proficient in many subjects, would rank us on what subjects we do best in. Here’s an example: suppose a student were taking four classes at their school. Each subject would be given a percentage of 25% at the beginning of the year and as the student learned and tested, those percentages would fluctuate depending on the student’s strengths and weaknesses. If math was the student’s strongest class, it would have a higher percentage than the other three subjects; all adding up to 100%. Therefore, instead of report cards reading: Math- A, Science- A-, English- B, History- A-; the report card may read more like this: Math-30%, Science-24%, English-22%, History-24%. Even if the English were at 15% and the Math at 37%, it would not necessarily mean that the student was failing English, only that it was not his or her strongest subject. When colleges looked at these report cards, they would be able to see what this student would best offer to the college, not the GPA or the bothersome “C-” in Latin. Instead of being represented by their strengths and weaknesses, students would instead be represented only by their strengths.

Alright, I’m done with that rant. But I’m not done with our education system. Or it’s priorities. Well, more like the students’ priorities. I’m talking about being sick and staying home from school. Way back in elementary school, if I had a fever, sore throat, stomach flu, whatever, I would stay home from school until I was better, and then return and make up the work that I missed. However, as a student in high school, it’s a totally different matter. Take today for example. As I’m sure a few of you know, the flu is sweeping across America, especially in schools. Today I stayed home sick due to symptoms similar to the flu. In bed coughing and sneezing with a boulder of a headache, all I could do was worry about the school I was missing and stuff I had to do when I returned to school tomorrow, which I am going to do whether I am still sick or not, for missing two days of school can take a student under. Missing but one day of school can be enough to drop a student’s letter grades by a whole number. So in schools all over the nation, students are disregarding their health to keep up their grades. Some people may ask why. It’s because as students, our worth in society is based on our grades. We’re risking getting ourselves and others even more sick because society has placed such a great value on how well we do in school. That’s what I find so appalling. That the health of America’s children is going down the drain because importance of being taught by underpaid teachers and receiving good grades, has escalated.

And there ends my long and not-quite-complete rant. Of course I have more to say, I usually do. But by now many will be bored and have left; if you, dear reader, have lasted until now, thank you. You must have some devotion to the rantings of a teenage girl to last through all of that. And now I go to my bed, to try and sleep off my sickness, so that when I go to school tomorrow, I won’t get my peers and teachers sick.


6 thoughts on “A Rant About America’s Horrible Education System

    • Abby R says:

      I totally agree. It’s like the quote from Albert Einstein which says, “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

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