God’s Timing

Quite a few weeks ago (maybe even a couple months), I downloaded an app that took all of my activities for my afternoons and set them on a timer. I had never used it until this Thursday when I found the need for some organization. I had a big in-class essay the next day along with a boatload of homework. So I typed in everything I needed to get done and started the timer. It worked pretty well actually. I got through most everything I needed to before sleep finally called me to my bed. Right before I fell asleep, I realized that I had forgot to put a time spot for writing on this blog. Oops. Sorry about that.

The next morning as I was on the school bus impatiently waiting for a stoplight to turn green, I found a connection between that app and God’s timing. In my life right now, I feel like a sitting duck: waiting for something to happen, but in the meantime doing nothing. I’m in the homework time slot waiting for a break. However, since I’m not doing any homework, I’ve basically paused the timer and break time is getting no closer. So I definitely need to start reading my Bible more and becoming better at praying. Cause God won’t use me until I’m ready to be used.

Even though I may not be getting much closer to my goal or desire, I’m not really worried because I know that it will come eventually. It’s in the schedule so the time will come. Trusting in the app’s (aka God’s) timing, it relieved a huge burden of worry and anxiety off of my shoulders. I wasn’t concerned that everything was going to get done. I was trusting in something else. In someONE else. I know that God will make His will happen, but in His own timing. And though I want everything to happen now, I’m just going to have to wait. But I need to productively procrastinate, as my sister calls it. While I’m not doing God’s future plans, I need to be working on something else. Instead of just sitting around growing a gray beard. When God decides that it’s time to use me, I want to be ready. I want to be ready to change the world and bring glory to His name. But I’m going to wait on His timing. Not a second before and not a second after.


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