A Quick Review of 2012

Most people are doing something similar to what I’m doing now: creating a list of whatever happened in life in 2012. I know I’m going to forget lots of stuff, but there are a lot of things that I won’t forget. So here it goes.

I created this blog: Finding the Peace Inside Me, met my bestest friend ever, went to my first Christian summer camp, went on my first mission trip, turned 16, painted and decorated my room, bought an iPad, broke my iPad, got a second iPad, started texting, received expensive running shoes, participated in a 5k run/3k walk, got my learner’s permit, drove for the first time, got into the philharmonic orchestra, almost tried out for swimming, finished Freshman year (early 2012), got lots of awesome presents, prayed in front of the entire congregation at my church, participated more in my youth group, raked leaves, got my braces off, got my retainers, reached some personal financial goals, worked for the last time at a kid’s summer camp, went Black Friday shopping, my sister went to college, got contacts, became more fashionable, hurt my back, discovered my scoliosis, had my first taste of frozen yogurt, sewed some clothes and other stuff, adopted a small oak tree, lost and gained friends, found out some truths, bought some sparkly flats, ate lots of salad, wore mittens for the first time, survived the apocalypse, survived hurricane Sandy, got my worst sunburn ever, and continued on my Path to Christ.

This is just a small view of everything that happened, a lot of it is on this blog and a lot isn’t. But yes, there it is. 2012 in review.


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