Looking Up

In service today, my pastor talked about how when Mary went to see Elizabeth when they were pregnant, Elizabeth was a mentor to Mary and really gave her the spirit and excitement of Mary’s bearing of Christ. My pastor also talked about how everyone should have a mentor and everyone should have a student, it’s part of the action of discipleship. A while back, probably a few months ago, my pastor also preached on this mentor thing. Except it was with Paul and Timothy I believe. When he preaches on mentorship, it stirs something inside of me. A longing. A need. And I’ve come to realize that I do need a mentor. Desperately.

Now don’t get me wrong, I do have some people that I go to for advice, but that’s in extreme cases when they’re asking for what’s up in my life. And I talk with my friends a lot too, exchanging troubles and advice. But I still feel the need for someone older, someone wiser to help me figure out life a little better. Today I got a little taste of that after Sunday school.

After class let out, the building where we hold classes, called the 301 building, was being set up for a party for the huddle leaders. I didn’t know how to help and didn’t want to get in the way, so I stood off to the side and began to talk with my Sunday school leader. We talked about the mentorship thing and the student part too and how we both felt like we were missing a part of it. I was missing having a mentor because I don’t feel like I can talk to my parents or sisters. We’re just not there yet in our relationships. But as we stood there and talked, I thought, this is what a mentorship looks like. I trust this older, wiser person with my deepest secrets. Through Christ, we have a common bond that can link us together and we can do marvelous things, whether helping out in the community, or finding the peace inside ourselves. It was a very cool moment.

After the party, while the adults were beginning their conversation, me and one of my friends (the daughter of the adult mentioned above) went into a room and started drawing and talking. She’s a grade above me (a junior) and to be honest, she’s the person I look up to. She’s my hero, my role model. She has long, gorgeous brown hair (just like mine!) and she can talk to anyone. Comfortable with everyone, she can walk up to a stranger and talk to them. She’s bright and lively and so full of fun, if we don’t have her, we don’t have the life of the party. She’s everything I wish I could be and more. She’s truly a work of God.

Anyways, we were talking and we talked a little about the mentor stuff, but then got on the subject of boys. I’ve talked a bit about boys to my friends my age and a year younger, but to talk to someone that’s a little older, but still in my age range was relieving in a way. Just to kind of get it off my chest and tell someone who understands is an amazing feeling. And the time spent together strengthens our friendship too. It’s amazing what God can do in just an hour and a half.

Overall, it was just a super cool day that gave some fuel for my searching and dreams and settled some worries and questions. God has been super awesome and full of blessings today, for which I am extremely thankful. I’ve been needing those words. And as usual, He delivered in the best way possible. Thank you LORD.


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