Stressed and Depressed

I never thought that lunch could be se tense and forlorn. But gazing around at my friends at lunch today, I saw nothing but blank eyes staring straight ahead. There’s not much life at school right now, it’s all work, worry, and wishes. School is supposedly increasing knowledge, but from the looks of my peers, it’s also increasing sleep deprivation, stress, and depression. I too have been struggling and I’m almost about to go under. Nothing’s making sense and everything I do is close, but not not quite. The effect can be seen in my grades. Previously on the “A” road, my grades have taken a trip onto the downward roller coaster. And I can’t see the bottom yet. I can’t really feel the Christmas spirit. I’ve got too many other things on my mind. I sure wish school didn’t have grades. I wish that instead of grades we were given our subjects in ranks, from best to worst. Then, I would know what I need to work on, but not feel stressed because of a low grade. If wishes were fishes the seas would overflow with fish. Hopefully I can get through. Get through and pass all my classes.


One thought on “Stressed and Depressed

  1. Mousie says:

    School has a horrible habit of doing that, I wish you all the best in overcoming what can be the most difficult stage of your life. I went through a very similar thing in my final years of school, where sleeping and eating were the most difficult things to achieve, and my grades plummeted from reasonably good to pretty horrifically bad.

    If I could have that time again, I would take those worries to my school counsellor or a doctor. I didn’t do this until I was in university, and I do wish I’d got it seen to earlier. You don’t need to be suffering like this, there are techniques to manage the stress and the overwhelmed feelings, the most effective of which is just talking about them.

    Stay safe, and know you’re loved. ❤

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