God’s Medicine

Often times, when I have pain or sorrow, I wonder where God is. I ask to the universe, Are you there? Have you left me?. During those times, I can be so focused on gaining what I think I have lost, that I don’t see where God is showing up in my life. It’s usually in the little things. Many of my posts are on those little things such as When Life Gives You Mangoes..., The Salsa in my Life, and My Life as a Farmer’s Tan. Through simple everyday objects and experiences I can find inspiration and direction. Tonight is another example.

As are quite a few girls my age, I am a babysitter. My older sister and I started the business, we call ourselves the “Sister Sitters” and we’re a package deal of two sitters for the price of one. Now that my older sister is off at college, I have moved up to Senior Sitter and my little sister is now Junior Sitter. So tonight we were babysitting our starter family, our first family in this area. The three kids are great and they go to our church so we get to see them every so often. They’re super kids.

Tonight, I was playing with the youngest, a girl of about three years, and we were in her room and I was “sick”. So out was everything poured from her drawers and displayed on the floor (a mess we did clean up later). Taking a glue stick, she did a quick dab on my chin. “Am I better now?” I asked her. She replied no. Taking a pencil, she created a small mark on my cheek. “Am I better now?” I asked. She replied that it wasn’t all done yet. Then taking a sticker book, she proceeded to place all the birthday cakes and balloons on my shoulder. I thanked her and “gobbled” them all up. “Now am I better?” I asked a final time. “Yes,” she replied.

Though just pretend, this experience with this little child reminded me that sometimes God really does work in mysterious ways. And I need to just roll with it. When God sends a glue stick towards my face, I need not shrink back, for it can cause no harm. When the pencil of God begins to create a mark, I need not beg for something different, for the mark could lead to greatness. And when God’s stickers come into my life as useless help, I need to remember that they can help me be well. 1 Timothy 4:4 says, “Since everything God has created is good, we should not reject any of it.” God has a plan to make me well and the only way that I’ll be healed is if I trust Him and let Him take control.


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