Who Dunnit?

You’ve heard of the game of Clue right? If not, basically you try to figure out who killed Mr. Black, with what did they kill him, and where did they kill him. It’s a fun game. But now I have question. Who killed Sisera with a tent peg?

This question popped into my life in the form of the game Bible Baseball. Before playing this game, I thought I knew a lot about the Bible. After quickly getting three outs again and again, I decided that it was about time for me to really go through the Bible. Because it’s small stories like these that sometimes have a lot of meaning. I’m not going to go into much depth right now, unfortunately I started this post a little late, but I encourage everyone to re-look at some of those small meaningless stories that pop up randomly every so often. I’m going to try it, why don’t you too?


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