A Land Flowing with Milk and Honey

The promised land God gave to the Israelites in the Bible was said to have been flowing with milk and honey. Today, where those items cost just a few dollars at the grocery store, it doesn’t seem like such a big deal, but whenever I read that passage in the Bible, I get this sense of desire and lushness and pleasure. Even to me the Holy Land seems like a place that I would love to live in. Which is ironic because I’m slightly allergic to both milk and honey.

That happens a lot in life though. What we desire is sometimes the worst thing for us. Even though dairy products make my stomach hurt and block up my system, I still eat a ridiculously huge bowl of ice cream every chance I get. The reason why I do it is because I think the ice cream is worth it. That quick moment of pleasure is greater than the aftermath results. This can be sometimes related to when I evangelize my Christian faith. I may get ridiculed afterwards, but at least I’m spreading God’s word. Many missionaries are like this too. Though they may get killed or tortured for spreading the word of the LORD in countries where they have rules against it, I’m sure that the joy of spreading His word far surpasses any pain that could come.

Sometimes though, my Christian faith can be compared to the opposite situation. That choice to eat celery (I absolutely hate celery) instead of ice cream. I may hate it while I’m eating it, and even hate it before while I’m motivating myself to eat it, but eating healthier could bring a eucharistic future. When God tells me to do some things, I try to tell Him no. But in the end He usually gets His way and I’m always rewarded. Whether through thanks or joy or a blessing, God rewards those who follow Him.


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