Back into Habit

After three months of not blogging, I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to go back and even if I was able to, my posts would be un-insightful. Thankfully, God has gotten me back into the habit of looking forward to blogging at the end of the day. And I’m enjoying every moment of it. It’s like my body is rejoicing to be back into habit. It’s something refreshing and part of my old routine.

There are some parts of my old routine that I haven’t picked up again quite yet, such as journaling and reading my Bible every night, but I think that as I [progress, I will pick them back up. One thing about me starting to blog again, is that I’ve felt more joyful, happy,and optimistic. It’s pretty awesome. I mean, Im not depressed while doing homework! I seem to be finding the joy and peace in whatever I do. I can see my future again, I’ve found hope, and I’ve found some peace in my busy and monotonous high school schedule. It’s super amazing and I’m very thankful to God that He showed me the ladder that led back up to my Path to Christ.


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