Tout le monde


Over the summer, I went to my first Christian summer camp. I took away so many things from there and one of them was a poster similar to the picture above. It displays the world as a wordle which I think is pretty awesome. I had it hanging on my wall, and for some reason it really inspired me; I wanted to go out and spread God’s love to all of the countries, big and small. A week after the summer camp, I also went on my first mission trip to a small town in Virginia. I helped two elderly ladies with their houses and learned spiritual lessons that helped me understand some of the problems I was having, including feel spiritual empty. I really enjoyed the mission trip and it helped me become closer to some of the kids in my youth group.

I wasn’t about to stop after that though. As soon as the schedule for the upcoming year in my youth group was publicized, I searched through to find the tentative mission trips for the next year. One was to a place in Virginia and the other was to Haiti. Haiti! I must admit, I’ve never been out of the country, nor ever flown on a plane, but the idea of me going to Haiti to help out the desolated people there set my heart a-beating. I was super excited and immediately asked my parents if I could go. I was a little shocked by their response. It was no. Their reason’s where that it was too dangerous. Say what? I live in a pretty dangerous part of the United States; any day could be my last. It’s that way no matter where I could live. It’s just the way of life. And sure, Haiti is a little more dangerous, but God will be with us and if we can’t put our trust in Him to keep me safe, then who can we trust?

Overall, I was mostly just very frustrated. I have the opportunity of a lifetime. And I’m being held back by my parents. Once I got their answer, I kind of gave up on the idea. They were pretty set in stone. But tonight, at my home huddle with some kids from my youth group, my leader told me about how when she wanted to go on a mission trip in college, her parents said no too. But she said that she prayed and prayed and prayed that God would change her parent’s minds. And He did. They called up one day and basically said that they were sorry that they had tried to hold her back and such. And she did go on the mission trip. It was extremely dangerous; they went into the country illegally to do stuff the government did not want them to do (Christian things). And she came back alive.

Telling me this, my leader really inspired me to have hope again. I have about four or five months before I need to make decisions about the Haiti trip and I’m gonna be praying my soul out to God for Him to please change my parents’ minds about letting me go. And if it doesn’t happen, it means that God has other plans for me. And if that’s the answer after four months of praying, then I’ll be satisfied with that. I’m sure I’ll be able to do other things. Until then…. please, please, please, please, please change my parents’ minds LORD!


One thought on “Tout le monde

  1. Ashley says:

    Praying that God would help you trust Him and honor your parents in this situation 🙂 The desire and fearlessness you have for loving and serving other people in the world is a gift from God, and He has a plan to use you. He’s totally going to work through you whether on that trip, a future trip, or something else completely. It’s so hard to be patient and trust God’s timing sometimes! 🙂

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