My Mentor

At the age of 16, I have lived about 1/5 of my expected lifespan. It feels like I’ve lived forever already; living another 16 years five more times seems like so long! Also, I’ve given my life to Christ, I’ve had my heartbreak and pain, and I’ve had my joy and love too. So, sounds like I’ve almost completely lived my life! But I’ve still got a long way to go.

My grandparents are spectacular people. I find most old people to be so. They’re full of stories and memories that seem to be engraved on their hearts. Oh, how I love to listen to them. So full of wisdom and truth and some knowledge of the future based on past events. They’ve lived through a lot. Many elders alive lived through the Great Depression. They lived through it. Survived. Many also survived the World Wars. Being a united country was part of them. How unlike is the upcoming generation. Instead of growing victory gardens in support of troops, children of today waste their lives slouched in front of a video game full of killing and war. Instead of enjoying the plane and bomb free sky, the children of today are bent over electronics. We could learn so much by listening to our elders and, I believe, live life to the fullest by living like they used to. They knew the meaning of life and how precious it was.

One thing I yearn for when I think of the elders I know is a mentor. Someone that can help guide me through my years and tell me stories of when they were my age. Someone I could love on and they could love on me. I would be their apprentice and they would be my master. Someone to tell me the solution. I guess that even though I’m picturing a smiling old person, really I’m just describing Jesus. Maybe what I’m really yearning for is a closer relationship with the Son. He is my mentor and can help guide me through the tough spots. He has his huge book of stories too: the Bible. He loves my with everlasting, sacrificial love. He is my master and I am His clumsy apprentice. He holds the solutions in His hands. Yes, Jesus definitely fits the description. He’s the one I should be looking for. He’s the one I am looking for.


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