God’s Apps

So, recently I was looking for some inspiration to get me back on my Path to Christ, for I had wandered off a little bit. I was so desperate, that I wrote a handwritten letter to God. Then, on a whim, I searched”Letters to God” on the internet. To my surprise, up popped advertisements for the movie and the app. Both interested me, but since the app was more accessible for me, I chose to look at that first. It was free so I downloaded it and began exploring. It was amazing. Just what I was looking for really. This was a place where I could post my prayers and thoughts, and people would pray for more comment suggestions. And even if I didn’t have a prayer, I could pray for others. Two hours later, I had written up my prayer, prayed for dozens of other people, and I was feeling much better spiritually.That was only the beginning.

It wasn’t long before one of my friends actually said in a message that their aunt had a daily Bible verse app. That too piqued my interest and it was quickly downloaded. I’ve been looking and thinking on those every day too.

Even though I’m not a spiritual giant or even as spiritual healthy as I was a few months ago, I have hope because I know that I’m climbing the ladder back up. I know that I’m on the road to success. And that gives me hope.


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