I Love My Parents

For all of you parents out there, you are going to love this post. Because it’s all about how I’ve just come to realize and appretiate all of the sacrifices that my parents make for me. They’ve done a lot; and they’re still doing a lot too. Me? I’m basically making zero sacrifices for them. Or at least that’s how it used to be.

It started out when we were finishing painting my room and redesigning it with my new furniture. I was bone tired after a long day of babysitting, working, and just plain thinking. I was ready to fall on my bed and go to sleep. But the thing was… my bed wasn’t assembled yet. Wearily, I sat down in the corner, with no strength to go on, and just watched my parents place books on the bookshelves, organize my closet, and help prepare my bed. The thought came to me, “Why are they doing this? They must be as tired as me if not even moreso. So why are they doing it?” The answer came unbidden to my mind. Because they love me.

Wait. What? My parents, who I’ve argued, rebelled, and sometimes hated, love me? It can’t be. But it’s true. They do love me; they love me with a sacrificial love that I’ve been ignoring my whole life. Well, I’m not going to be ignoring it any more. Because ignoring my parents’ sacrifices are like ignoring Jesus’ sacrifice. It’s atrocious. Horrible. Unthinkable. So why do I do it? Why have I not seen these sacrifices before? The answer is because I was blind and selfish. But because of this lesson learned I’m going to try and make some sacrifices of my own. Are the dishes dirty? Well, I guess I could clean them. Stuff like that might start to return the love they’ve given me. I’ll keep posting on my journey of self sacrifice.


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