Raising my Spirit

Again I say, sorry for the long absence. I’ve had a few …. roadblocks lately. I’ve had this problem where it’s like I know everything, such as God’s love for me and His incredible mercy, but I don’t seem to be feeling it. I don’t get the impact of those words. That’s why I’ve been feeling kind of low. I’ve also been feeling physically low so that might have added to the spiritual depression too. But some things have happened in the past two days. Well, more like in the past week. It’s taken me until now to realize them though. I’ll start with this past Sunday.

At the end of the service, after a very good message had been given and a few very good songs had been sung, I stood up to leave and had started down the aisle when I heard my name being called behind me. My friend was out of town so I had no clue who it was! But as I turned around one of the adult leaders from my Sunday night group was hurrying towards me. She asked me if I wanted to do the offeratory prayer for the next week. What an honor! I of course said yes and it’s been on my mind ever since. I was a little nervous which is predictable, but what calmed my nerves was this. I’m just praying to God outloud. There’s nothing really to it. So now I’m super excited and honored.

But what an opportunity! God has given me a chance to show a bit of leadeership in front of the whole church. Not many teens have that opportunity presented to them. It’s super cool.

I’ve also been granted a few blessings too in this past week. On Friday I was working on my swimming strokes for the upcoming season and I had progressed a whole lot since the last time I had swum. I don’t look like I’m trying to drown when I do the butterfly! God had blessed me with progresssion in something I loved. He also blessed me with a new iPad. I have to pay for most of it, but I’ve been wanting one for a long time. These blessings have really helped to bring my spirit back up. There’s nothing like a good blessing to do that!

I’ve decided that I know what the devil does to me when he wants me to falll a little bit from God. He makes my life mediocre. Nothing special, but nothing bad either. If life is going fine but nothing special is happening, I become lazy and procrastinate. That’s how I was living before I moved and before God really stepped into my life. It could seem that since the devil knows my weakness, he can now use it for the rest of my life. But I’ve heard a saying that basically says that if you know your weakness, you can find a way to overcome it. So that’s what I’m going to do.


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