‘Tis the Night Before

‘Tis the night before college, up and down the tall stairs,
Everyone is busy, for we need to prepare.
The boxes are packed in the car with no fuss,
This is the last day my sister’s with us.

She’s going to college away from this town,
We’re saying goodbye with a tear but no frown
So I on my bed and my family asleep,
I write this for her that God may her keep.

For when she goes away, and away she will go,
It’ll be sad for me, this I surely know.
She’s my best friend, my pal and my bud
Without her I’m sort of a stick in the mud.

I’m kidding, I admit, though life won’t be the same
Who will laugh at my jokes though I know they’re quite lame?
Who will lend me their books and their shoes and their chair,
Who will welcome me at midnight into their comfy lair?

For this she does often and I love her so much
So excuse me tomorrow if to her I do clutch.
I’m losing a part of me, my level-headed half,
But we’ll see each other soon, and oh! how we’ll laugh!


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