The Glue Factor

Today my family and I did something that we haven’t done in a while. We played a game called Speed Scrabble together. The big part is that we played it together. It’s been so long since we’ve done a big thing like this. It almost immediately brought us together. We were giggling and joking and getting mighty goofy. It was so much fun. But I wonder in amazement how something as simple as a game can bring us together. I deduced that it must be because we were doing something that was familiar and something that we all enjoyed. Things like this are the glue that holds us together. These together moments keep the family somewhat running. Where does that somewhat come from though. What is it that prevents us from being a completely functional family? I think it’s our fault. Often times we let our glue dry and rot and start to fall apart. We don’t replenish it. Kind of like our Spiritual relationship with our Holy Father. In fact, pretty much identical.

How often do I let my glue dry in my relationship with God? I’ve got to say that I do it quite a bit. But something that I learned at camp this summer is that He’s still putting on new glue. He’s always putting in all of His effort to bring me closer to Him. I’m actually the one that’s picking off the glue. That’s a pretty harsh realization. I’m the one that’s ruining the relationship. Or at least preventing growth. So to progress in my relationship with God, I’ve got to discover what the glue is. What’s holding me to Him? I know the Bible is a huge glue factor. What else though? Meditation? Prayer? Study? I think all of those will bind me closer to God. I guess there’s a glue in every relationship. We’ve just got to figure it out.


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