This is helping me?

The final day of me working at my Church’s Summer Camp is on the horizon! For those of you that haven’t been closely following the story, I’ve basically been working at a summer camp that I dread going to each day. It’s not what I’m looking for and just not working out. So tomorrow I am celebrating this last day! But even though I don’t enjoy working at the camp, it has taught me some valuable lessons. Some of the lessons include having the right attitude, focusing on who I’m really working for, and having the right perspective. The right attitude and right perspective are very similar, but I think in the lessons I’ve learned they are different, but build off of one another. Let me explain.

So one day at camp I was sweeping the floors after a hamburger lunch. Never give elementary school kids hamburgers. It’s a huge pain to clean up. Anyways, I was cleaning it up and noticed I was grumbling to myself in my head. I was saying stuff like, “Why do I have to do this?” and “How come I always get the dirty jobs?”. As soon as I realized that I was doing this, I stopped because I knew this wasn’t the way that God wanted me to look at the job. Even though I wasn’t playing with the kids and I didn’t have free use of my cell phone (which I wouldn’t have used anyways) the job that I was doing was still important. If I didn’t sweep the floors, who would? And I was also getting some down time away from the kids. I defiantly needed that in my busy day. God really changed my attitude then. I realized that no matter what I do, it all has importance in God’s eyes and that though I’m working for the camp, I’m also working for Him and I should do the best that I can to complete the challenge that has been set before me. I still carry that lesson now. But let’s take that lesson a little further.

Yesterday, as I was getting ready for the day, I noticed that my helping partner was not present to help me with the dreaded water container. This container held five gallons of water and leaked water like crazy. It was defiantly a two person job. But with my partner gone, it was left to me. Now, I may sometimes boast about being strong, and my twelve years of dance have certainly given me some strong leg muscles, but arm strength? Practically nil. But I had a few tricks up my sleeve to help me be victorious over the water container. The first one was the amount of water. The kids only drink about three gallons of water, the rest is throw onto the grass. So being the non-wasteful person I am, I just filled it up to four gallons. Wow, the one gallon loss made a huge difference!! And then it was time to carry it over to the other building. The first time I carried the water container alone, my right pant leg was completely waterlogged when I finally reached my destination. This time, I thought I was being smart by carrying it on the bottom instead of the handles. Oops, not such a good idea. The container didn’t spill as much, but what water did spill got all over my shirt. Sigh. I wasn’t too happy about that. And as I was slowly shuffling along the path, I again asked God why I had to be the one that had to carry it. I know that I was doing it for Him, but it got me wet, made my arm muscles be stiff and sore for the next week, and was just a huge pain over all. Even though I knew I was doing it for God, I still didn’t want to do it. But then I thought about this coming year. If I’m going to be any good at swimming, I’m going to need some ripped arm muscles. And trust me, this water container was as good of a workout tool as any professional weight. And the water on my shirt would eventually dry off; it might even evaporate from the heat by the time the kids get here. So this time, God really changed my perspective. He showed me that though the glass may look half empty, it’s actually half full. This weight may be making me hurt right now, but in the long run it might actually help me achieve my goal.

It’s the same in other areas of my life too! Staying up to do my homework late at night is defiantly not my favorite thing to do. But getting it done will help me gain knowledge and lead me to the key to the world. Reading my Bible might not seem like it’s doing much, but when I make connections it brings me closer to God. These are just a few examples of God showing me the lesson of perspective. Is you glass half empty? Or is it half full?


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