Feeling Pretty

Today my family and I went shopping. It’s a rarity that all five of us go, so it was a lot of fun. First we stopped by Joann’s and Michaels and then by Payless Shoes, since it was right next door and seems to be the only store that carries my shoe size. I found some beautiful shoes, but since I’ll be surprising my friends with them on Sunday, I won’t go into detail. Every time I put them on, I feel like a super model which, with my height of 5 foot 11 inches, makes me look like one too. When I got home, I was all a-flutter and even tried them on again like any normal woman would. So pretty! For once I felt really beautiful and confident. As I was writing in my journal, I was thanking God for making me pretty, but at the same time wondering if it was alright to be feeling so gorgeous. I decided that God made me pretty so it was alright, and also that if I always felt that I was ugly, it would start to bring me down. As long as I don’t start to completely focus and start to worship clothes ans such I was okay. God made pretty things so that they could glorify Him. I wanted to make sure so I looked in my Bible. Surprisingly, there were no verses under vanity in the back of my Bible. But when I looked under “Beautiful” I discovered a pattern. In the Old Testament most of the verses containing beautiful also contained a woman or object that someone owned. They were a show of man’s wealth. But in the New Testament the pattern changed. Instead of describing a woman, the word beautiful was used to describe a gem in the temple or a creation of God’s. Now God’s beauty was used to show God’s wealth and power. From these verses I got that as long as my prettiness is glorifying God and not myself, it’s okay. And now I yearn to be beautiful for God. Not just on the outside, but on the inside too. He made me beautiful gorgeous all over.


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