Geode Girl

So, starting off, what is a geode? My definition is: a rock that looks normal on the outside but has a precious and beautiful inside. That’s defiantly not very scientific, but a good enough definition for now. I think it’s fascinating that the beautiful was hidden inside the plain and ugly. Why did God do that? Well, He did it to us too.

Many of us humans are like geodes. I am defiantly one of those people. I’m an introvert and shy when I meet people, which makes a very bad first impression because once someone gets to know me, they see the true me. They see God’s joy inside of me and the celebration that goes hand in hand with joy. Most people that know me would think that I would love to go spend my entire day in a library. Well, maybe if it was raining or something, but actually, I’d like to go out and socialize with my friends for the majority of the day. Many times when people see this side of me, they’re surprised. It’s so different from the quiet and shy Abby. Exactly like the geode. On the outside, I look like the plain rock, but if you keep pushing me and try to get to know me, you’ll discover the jewels and beauty inside.

I think that’s true for a lot of us. I mean, it’s okay to be like the rock and only show the outside, but someone in your life should be honored with seeing the true you on the inside. And what about flipping that? Maybe you’re really outgoing and always busy, busy, busy. When you find you’re gem inside of you, maybe it’ll be peace. This can relate to anything really. If you’re overweight, you can find the determination and motivation to go on a diet. If you’re sad, you can delve deep and find the joy and happiness inside of you. Go find your geode. Your life could take a big change.


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