God’s nature

I love being outside. God’s nature is like a refresher to my soul. I feel enlivened when I go outside. I love looking at all His little works: a growing sprout, a crawling ant, a strong, wise tree, and the peace that comes when you listen to the tranquility and calmness of nature. Did you ever notice that no matter what weather, God’s nature is always peaceful? When it storms, the rain is a steady background beat for meditation and it nourishes the earth too. When it snows, the glistening crystals are tranquil and can hold you as the sun hits the patch of snow and it lights up like fire. We may perceive some of God’s nature to be unhelpful, like bugs or poison ivy. Many of God’s creatures eat bugs and the poison ivy is food for some bugs. You may be asking, “But what about the ones that kill plants?” Well, they are helping with the cycle of life. If no plants died, we would have little soil and be overrun with greenery!

Did you know that there is a chemical in the earth that whenever you do something with dirt, you become happy? Do you think it’s a coincidence that God made the earth so we would be happy in it? I think He did it one purpose. Nature reflects God’s personality. The caress of the wind on the trees displays His gentleness. The sound of the ocean waves displays His calmness. The songs of the birds displays His joy and love. But nature also shows God’s left hand. The hurricane-like winds are His anger and the tidal waves are His bitterness. The howl of a coyote is His disappointment. In these ways, nature reflects God’s personality and by studying nature, we can study God and get to know Him more.


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