I have the medicine of the world

Every so often in my walk with God, He’ll place a song in my head. They usually describe how I’m feeling at the moment, and also how to deal with it. Sometimes it takes me a week or so to see what God’s telling me, sometimes longer. “Tears of the Saints” is the latest song that He’s given me. It had been one of those random songs I had placed on my iPod because it sounded pretty. Now it has a message.

When God first showed it to me, I liked it so much that I started to choreograph a dance for it. I’m not quite finished, but hopefully I’ll be able to perform it soon. When I started to create the moves during the dance, I really listened to the words that they were singing. That’s when I started to listened to what God was saying to me.

All of the verses describe the desperation of the people in the world. They’re without hope. Without God. On average, 108 people die every minute. How many of those people know God? Many of those people have life-threatening diseases. But they also have another disease. The disease of sin. Psalm 103:3 says, “[He] who forgives all your sins and heals all of your diseases.” Not only does God forgive us of our sins, but by Jesus’s sacrifice on the cross, we are washed clean. But only if we know God. Those 108 souls have an epidemic that we Christians can cure. We have the medicine that can save the world. People are going to hell because we aren’t helping them. How can we hate someone so much that we condemn them to hell?

I know we can’t help everyone. But you might be the last chance of salvation that the person you meet in the hallway or grocery store has before they die. It’s kind of scary and sad for me to think about it because I don’t know how to tell them. How do I let them know about Christ without hitting them over the head with a Bible? This has always been one of my big dilemmas. If these people don’t want to know about the Bible or talk about religion, aren’t I forcing it onto them when I mention it? I guess just hinting at it would be okay, but then I don’t feel like I’m actually sharing the gospel with them. Something to ponder.


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