A Followup

A little while ago, I posted about those crazy Christians that give us other Christians a bad rap in the news. These “misled ones”, as I called them in my post Success!, don’t seem to be the best Christians to most people. Somethings that they’re passionate about lead them to not show the image of Christ. They don’t seem loving or caring or accepting. I then wondered, will they get into Heaven? I think that if they asked for forgiveness after realizing their mistranslation, that God would forgive them. God loves everyone right? He’s forgiving too. But just how forgiving is He? He’ll forgive the robber or the gangster, and He’ll forgive the lost and the one who reject Him. He’ll forgive me too. I just have to have confidence that He will forgive me. And already has. He’ll forgive you if you ask for forgiveness too. And He might just happen to give you the greatest gift of eternal life! All you got to do is ask.


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