The Bottle

When I was young, I didn’t understand a lot of things. Some examples are why the sun rises and sets, why things grow, what was the holocaust, and what is cancer. It’s a cool experience when you gain knowledge. But when I was old enough to understand what cancer was, I got a little something more than cancer. Later in the day, I got a package. It wasn’t mail time. Just a random time. When I opened up the package, there was a tiny bottle that appeared empty. On the label it said “Cure to Cancer”.

I thought it was just a plain bottle. There didn’t seem to be anything in it. So, I tucked it up on my shelf and didn’t really think about it again. Once in a while, someone else would say that they had the cure to cancer in a bottle. Some people believed them. I did because I had one. But I still didn’t get the significance of having one. Some years went by, and I started to understand what the bottle actually meant. It wouldn’t just make someone feel better, it could save lives. And with that one life saved, it could effect other lives. So I started telling people about it. I wanted them to ask for it. I wanted to help them, but I didn’t want to force it on them. The people that didn’t think they needed it, said, “Cool.” when I told them and then continued on with their conversations. I always loved when I found someone else that not only had, but understood what the bottle was and could do. As I learned more and more about the bottle, I could tell the people who were curious about it more and more. I didn’t know everything about it, but I kept learning. There were questions I still had like, Is it really there? Does it really work? But I believe it does.

Okay. So, I really do have the cure for cancer, but not in this world. I don’t have a bottle that could cure those affected by the disease. But I do have something else that could save lives. I have salvation. When I accepted Christ as my Savior, I received my salvation. I didn’t really know what it meant, so it didn’t have an affect on my life. I told a few people about it, but what I said didn’t affect them because it wasn’t affecting me. Other Christians told me about their salvation. But I didn’t understand how we were connected through that similarity. Why it was such a special thing. Years later, I started to read my Bible. I started to think and begin a relationship with God. I started to understand my salvation and why it’s such a big deal. When I tell people about Christ, I yearn inside for them to ask me more. I want to tell them. I don’t know everything, but I am still learning. When I start talking about Christianity with another person, I find that I learn stuff from them to. And hopefully vice versa. I’m always going to have questions, but because of faith I believe.

If you have a little bottle that says “Cure to Cancer” sitting on your bookshelf, I encourage you to learn more about it. It will change your life. It changed mine. Millions of people are dying on this earth and then not getting to live with Jesus after that. You can help give them eternal life. I’m going to try. I want people to know Christ. So I’m going to try and open up my bottle. Spread the word and save some lives. Save the world.


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