Amazing Grace

There are so many songs that tell about God’s amazing love and forgiveness and grace. If I tried to post them all, it would take me weeks of nonstop posting and would slow down my blog as they all tried to load at once.

But God’s  love, forgiveness, and grace must be something pretty important for millions of songs to be written about them. Well, they are. I guess you could say that they’re the most important thing in this universe. And beyond. I’ve noticed that a lot of my blog posts have a theme of God;s love and mercy. He’s just all out awesome! I’ve also noticed that when I write from the heart about God, the time flies by. I was writing a post a few days ago and when I took a break, I was startled to hear that two and a half hours had gone by! Now, that wasn’t two and a half hours of typing, but two and a half hours of thinking. It was two and a half hours of listening to God. Two and a half hours of writing His words. How great is our God that He cares for us? I would list out every single thing that is amazing about Him, but I’m afraid I would leave something out because there is so much to say! But I thank Him for all He has done and I give my life as a small sacrifice to repay Him back. I give my life to you LORD. Take it and use it to Your mighty will. Amen.


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