A Note From Yesterday

This is actually really cool, but I found something that pertains to my post yesterday. I was flipping through my hymnal and I glimpsed some writing on the front page. It was the note my music director wrote to me when the church gave me the hymnal. At the end were two verses in the Bible. One was Psalm 150 and the other was John 4:24. I turned to them both in my Bible and read them. Both spoke about the praise and worship that we should give to God. The verses in Psalm really spoke to me. It’s cool because it first tells us why we should praise Him, which is because of His mighty works, and then secondly, how we should praise Him. It speaks of all of these instruments that we can make music with. The last verse says, “Let everything that has breath praise the LORD. Praise the LORD.” And there ends Psalm. I find it pretty interesting that the last words of wisdom that the author has to give, is to praise the LORD our God. It’s like the last verse of Revelations. It’s important. God is telling us that the Spiritual discipline or Celebration is very, very important. And we most defiantly celebrate. Celebration brings joy to God’s people.


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